lazy sunday crafternoon

It's the last day before I go back to work...it's been a lovely break and I've gotten a lot done, though not as much as I'd hoped.  I'm working on a new ami but it's a gift for a friend so I can't post that yet...so here's a quick little project I did today in about 10 minutes.

Step one:
Take one of those travel mugs that you can insert your own picture in.  Mine was a cast-off that had a dorky photo of a raven in it (sorry mom).  Unscrew the bottom of the mug and slide out the picture.
step two:
Pick some fabric.  I had a funky 60's dress that I picked up at a thrift store with the plan to shorten it to a minidress anyway, so no harm in cutting a chunk off of the bottom.
Step three:
Iron fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric, to make it stiffer and thus easier to slide into the mug.
Step four:
Trace the shape of the plastic template provided, or the paper that was in there to begin with.
Step five:
Cut out the shape with nice sharp scissors (which reminds me I really need to find a scissors sharpening place, you could ride to China on all of mine)
Step six:
Slip the fabric into the mug, screw the bottom back on, and enjoy your new fab-tastic travel mug!
(I have no idea if this is dishwasher proof, I highly doubt it.  so you know, don't come crying to me if you try this and you end up with a bunch of thread in your dishwasher.  Just hand wash it, duh.)

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crittermom said...

I wouldn't call my raven "dorky", but you kids have no respect!
But speaking of scissors, my small, orange-handled pair has mysteriously disappeared! I think you were using it to work on the "monster". Any chance it is in your stuff??