happy Halloween!

just landed back in LA after a wonderful, whirlwind trip to Portland, OR and the Columbia River Gorge. I have tons of photos to start weeding through and editing, in the meantime here's pics of the fall bouquet I had in the dining room before we left...sadly when we came home it was stinky and wilted and had to be tossed.

I wish I remember what those orange pom-pom flowers were called, I got them at the farmer's market...don't they look like something out of Dr Seuss?  they also smelled really nice.  I was sad we couldn't carve a pumpkin this year (since we were out of town) so these flowers were the next best thing.

hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!

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Emeline said...

The orange flowers are Safflowers -- and you can extract the oil from them for cooking/eating -- you know, if you had a lot and were into that.