avoiding the curse

have you heard of the "Sweater Curse"?  apparently it's a known phenomenon, wherein you make a sweater for your significant other and then they dump you.  no one really understand why it happens, but it may have something to do with the deep meaning that an object absorbs when you spend many many hours hand-making something for someone you care about.  perhaps if the relationship is already shaky, that emotional weight is just too much for some people to deal with.

or maybe they are just ugly sweaters, who knows.

anyway, I tried to dodge the curse by knitting Josh a scarf instead.  I was inspired by the Noro Striped Scarf project by Brooklyn Tweed.  I priced the fancy Noro Silk Garden yarn, but decided that for a scarf he might never wear, $60+ was a little silly.  So I went with Lion Brand's Amazing, which is another (much cheaper) variegated yarn with long color shifts, which is what you need for this project.

there's just two different colorways used here, Joshua Tree and Olympia, but because of the variegated nature of them it seems like more.  I'm not sure what the length is, I used 4 balls of yarn and pretty much used them all up.

living in LA, I doubt he will get much use out of it, but he claims to like it.  who knows with dudes though...they are a mystery.  I think he looks cute in it though, and if he doesn't wear it, I will!

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