great grey granny

in my fit of finishing old projects, I went waay back into the craft closet and pulled out the giant pile o' granny squares that I made at least 2, maybe 3 years ago and then abandoned when the idea of sewing them all together was just too daunting.  these squares were my very first crochet project!  and somehow I made almost 200 of them.

the palette is very restrained, just one "color" per square, surrounded by 2 neutrals and a charcoal border.  I think I was consciously trying to make something I wouldn't regret in 20 years, considering how long it took to make all the squares.

anyway, joining all the squares didn't take as long as I'd feared, and it was so nice to work with 100% wool yarn again that I rather enjoyed it.  I can say now, after being tempted in the past by the brief allure of cheap acrylic yarn, that it just aint worth it.  spend the money, get the materials you love, and it will be easier to work with and the finished product will be something you will want to keep forever.

The finished throw:

and on my rumply bed -

sooo many squares!

very happy with the outcome.  although now that it's 90 degrees in LA, I'll be packing it away for about 6 months.  I should really stop making afghans...


crittermom said...

I'm impressed! I know I raised you to be a procrastinator, but you broke the mold!

aline said...

This is lovely, very tasteful

Love to Crochet said...

How did you Crochet these Squares Together? Thanks Tom