the long forgotten needlepoint project

Reached waaay back in the unfinished projects pile the other day and pulled out one that's been around for at least 6 years.  It started with this little painting by Tim Biskup, which I loved and thought would make a swell pillow:

I blew up the image and transferred it to needlepoint canvas, and stitched and stitched for many months.  Then I ran out of yarn for the background, and at that point I was so tired of it that it went in a bag and was not seen again until the other day.  btw, I moved that bag of unfinished crafts to at least 4 apartments in that time.  Lame!  Here's how it looked when I pulled it out:

it wasn't that far from being done, just needed some finishing around the outer edges and details on the birds.  Found some yarn in the stash that wasn't a bad match, and after a couple of days it was a pillow!

.... looks swanky on the plycraft chair, no?

that's a whole lot of tiny stitches, each one by hand.  No wonder this took 6 years to finish!  I love it though, it makes me smile whenever I see it.  And I can cross one more unfinished project off the list!

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