great moments in toilet paper

this last weekend my mom noticed this photo in my bathroom and so I thought I'd tell you about it...

I saw it in a goodwill and thought it was funny but didn't buy it...that night I told Josh about it and he insisted we go back the next day to see if it was still there, which thankfully it was.  so now it's displayed in my bathroom and makes me laugh.

oh, I'm sorry, why did we go back for it?  it's just an old photo of some dudes in suits, standing around a table...oh HELLO rolls of toilet paper, I hardly noticed you there!

what is even happening here??  they seem so proud, and this was obviously such an important moment that they needed to pose very formally, for a professional photographer, with rolls of toilet paper prominently displayed in front of them.  this could be some important moment in the history of tp, and nobody knows it exists!

(cut to me wasting a good hour trying to research the history of the MD toilet paper brand.  this leads nowhere except that now all my google ads are for toilet paper.)

this gentleman sees nothing funny at all about this moment, and thinks you should wipe that smirk off your face, smarmy guy in the front row...

I've considered taking it out of its frame to see if there's any info on the back, but that would mess up this little gem of a label...

omg when did they even still have phone numbers like this in LA?  

this is why I love thrifting; in the midst of all the mass produced crap from China that people toss out, sometimes you uncover something like this photo, and it's a little window into the past.  a past that probably even these guys had forgotten about...The Great Toilet Paper Summit! 

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Kaari Marie said...

First of all...where have I been?? I have to catch up on reading your blog - I love it! All the craftiness is so exciting!