the point of roughness

Happy Winter Solstice!  Tonight is the longest night of the year, which has something to do with the earth being lopsided?  Also something-something azimuth, which is math-y and such a weird word.

Anyway, the cool part is the days will start being longer again, and soon it won't feel like the constant darkness is going to swallow all the joy in the world.

Throughout history people have marked the solstice in all kinds of awesome ways.  For instance, the Romans celebrated Saturnalia, a festival that included all kinds of tomfoolery including slaves and their masters switching roles for a day.

At this time of year the Saami peoples of Scandinavia worship the sun-goddess Beiwe, who travels the skies in a structure made of reindeer bones.  They cover their doorposts with butter for her to eat on her travels.

The Welsh call the winter solstice "the point of roughness", which is about the best way I can think of to describe it...that point at which you just don't think you can take the cold and the dark much longer.  and then it starts getting better!

All of this is my way of saying, maybe in the 21st century in Los Angeles California, we should mark the mid-winter with our own unique ritual.  maybe something along the lines of modern war paint?

 In other words, I needed something to brighten these cold dark mornings, and a little Manic Panic is just what the doctor ordered.  All I need now is a chariot of reindeer bones and some butter.


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