I'm dreaming of a white Christmas (tree)

have you heard about the Paradox of Choice?  maybe the term "maximizer"?  I am what you might call a Classic Maximizer.  when faced with a decision I am not happy unless I can examine and weigh every single option possible, and then even after finally making a decision (if I ever do) I'm still not happy.

this is the reason why I still don't have a christmas tree.  well, I have one...a crappy little silver one that I got at Ikea for $20 years ago and has really seen better days.  for ages I have searched for the perfect tree...every year around November, I start thinking: "this is the year.  this year I'll buy a tree"....and yet still no tree.

this year the problem is compounded by the fact that I now live with Mal, Josh's cat, who promptly tackled the Ikea tree to the floor when I put it up.  then, she crawled inside it and got stuck.  so now even if I found the perfect tree, I don't know how long it would survive.

here's the dream tree:
Source: flickr.com via Jody on Pinterest

yea, that wouldn't last a day.  Mal would climb it like King Kong.  this one hangs from the ceiling, but costs $350.  for some sticks on a pole?  sorry, I meant for a masterpiece of modern simplicity?
Source: inhabitots.com via Jody on Pinterest

she couldn't hurt this tree, but our guests might think we just have termites...
Source: google.com via Jody on Pinterest

or there's this one, which, while it's literally the saddest and least festive thing you could put in your living room and call a "tree", at least you'll be able to reach the smoke detector when those candles set the greasy takeout containers on fire.
Source: google.com via Jody on Pinterest

ah hell, maybe I'll just do this.

happy friday! 

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