another week, another dumb unexplained injury for Jody...this week it was waking up friday completely unable to move my neck!  no idea why...perhaps I've been sleep-breakdancing.

anyway there's not much one can do when you have to spend whole days lying on your back with frozen broccoli under your neck.  I spent a lot of time playing with my phone, which is why I'm now totally obsessed with Instagram.  I forgot Pinterest even existed, that's how much I love Instagram.

in my stiff-necked state I haven't been able to get out and take a ton of new photos, but here's a few I posted...both new and old ones I found on my phone's camera roll just begging to be filtered and made all pretty.

Daylight savings started today...I wouldn't mind losing the hour of sleep if I didn't also lose all that time changing clocks.

Josh is the best, basically, ever.  He goes to the farmers market on sundays and usually buys me flowers, like a big sweetie, while I stay in bed and drink coffee and check facebook.

this is from 3 years ago, and makes me really really really want to go to Palm Springs as soon as possible. hey Josh, you heard all the nice things I said about you earlier, right??

this is in downtown LA, and completely surprised and delighted me when I came across it.  it's a Jody store!  it also reminds me of the Seinfeld bit where George has the great line he wants to use on his co-worker..."The jerk store called, and they're running out of you".

oh yeah remember last week when I was bragging about all the pillows I was gonna finish...well here's one that's still not done.  but kinda pretty, right?

and yeah, that's me.  from a few weeks ago, when the pink streaks were still pretty fabulous.  now they are faded and sad, and no one cares anyway because I just lie in bed, moaning and alternating heat and ice and playing with Instagram.

so hey, find me on Instagram!  I'm craftnik...I only have 3 followers right now, which is really embarrassing.

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