thrift scoring and instagraming, that's my game

most people, when they get some time off from work, will plan a trip to somewhere relaxing and luxurious.  when I get a week off, I visit every dirty, smelly, crowded thrift store in Los Angeles, and I love every minute of it.

I actually haven't been finding that much, but the hunt is really more the point.  found some more vintage Japanese (far left) and California (center) ceramics.  if it has a drippy glaze and it's blue, brown, or orange, it comes home with me to join the ceram-fam.

I planted a few succulents in the orange pot today, I'm definitely in a spring planting mood!

this bit of bad-assery makes me happier every time I look at it.  it's by an artist named Virgil Thrasher, and the black border and wheat graphics are painted on glass and then the sunset background sits behind it, shadow box style.  the label on the back says it's from 1974.  I paid $4, but I found a few on ebay listed between $25 and $300.  so it's maybe worth a few bucks?  anyway no way I'm selling it, this baby is going up in the bedroom.

I hope you're enjoying this gorgeous spring...flowers are everywhere!  I'm obviously still very enamored with Instagram...so here's one more.

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Beautiful photos!
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