measure once, cut twice?

so you've maybe seen this little mid-century bench in my living room?  it's cute, I got it at the flea market years ago...

I made the teal cushion and all the bargello pillows, but I'm taking the whole apartment in a more calm, neutral, ethnic/rustic/modern direction lately.  so the crazy riot of color and retro pattern that was happening on the bench wasn't working anymore.

so, I decided to make some new cushions, and I went with a simple hand-tied futon type mat made from old linen.  I worked on it for a couple hours on saturday.  I was kinda digging it, but then I realized it was not deep enough for the seat.  I was willing to overlook that mistake...

until I realized it was also several inches too short.

wtf?!?  I am a good seamstress, people.  I don't make these kind of rookie mistakes.  I certainly don't make two of them!  I seriously don't know what happened here.  I got so mad about it, I decided I don't even WANT the bench anymore.  that'll teach it, for being all confusing in its dimensions!

it's ok, nobody sits on it anyway, it's just there as a showcase for pillows.  so I'll be putting it on craigslist soon, I think.  if you're in the SoCal area and in the market for a cute mid-century bench (with a teal cushion that fits it perfectly), send me a message!

after the cushion debacle, I decided to make a pillow, which I know I can do properly.  I had some scraps of linen that I had tie-dyed blue at French General's last Woad Dyeing Workshop, so I did a sort of random log cabin kinda thing with it, just to see what happened.

I actually really like it!  it looks like clouds, don't you think?  I was so into this one, I started a second even cooler pillow in the same vein.  I'll share that one with you in a couple days.

I'm serious about selling the bench, let me know if you want it.  I'll even send you the dimensions...but don't be surprised if it's a little bigger than you expected!


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Valerie Wilson said...

I love the pillow that you made!