friday kahlua

I've started reading The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver, and I love it...I'm too tired these days to read for very long before bed, but I've gotten to the part where Frida Kahlo comes in, and I wanted a clearer picture in my mind of what she really looked like, cause all I could see was Salma Hayek.

turns out she was way more beautiful and stylish than I remembered!

I also found this fantastic quote from her, which makes me love her even more:

not to mention, she somehow rocked a unibrow and made it work.

(oh, and the title of this post is a reference to a legendary college game of Taboo that went terribly awry.  and it's a fitting end of the week post name!)  

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Nikki said...

I love that quote! I feel the same way, how funny.
Thanks for bringing it to my attention!