black coffee and a sidecar...

"Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!"

did you know I'm an Auntie?  actually I can't be a real auntie, because I don't have any siblings with kids, but as soon as my dear friend Melanie announced she was expecting, we both knew what her daughter Moira would call me:  "Auntie Mame".  I like that it was just assumed that I'm officially the adult in Moira's life who is allowed to be a terrible influence.

I really need to watch the Rosalind Russell version (really, is there any other?) again... aside from her amazing performance, I love the visuals in that movie.  her costumes are fantastic, and I certainly appreciate how her hair color changes from scene to scene.  but her apartment is the living end!

her decor changes multiple times, but the best one is when Patrick brings his snooty fiance and her parents, the Upsons, to visit.  Mame pulls out the stops to make the place as avant garde as possible and I love it all...

the crazy white screens!  the Danish modern furniture and fireplace!

that amazing staircase, all minimal and groovy carpet...and her outfit, I mean sequin harem pant capris with acid green chiffon???  so good.

the goldfish lamp...we should all have one.

that crazy sculpture is sitting in a koi pond!

and of course, the "adjustible" couches...

while I may not have her apartment, and some days I feel more like an Agnes Gooch than an Auntie Mame, I hope to live up to the name.  so I started Moira out slowly, with a little festive headwear for her first Christmas.  I knitted her this Santa hat from the Santa Baby pattern on Ravelry:

the kid can definitely work a hat!  Now that I know this, there will be more hats to come.  and dresses, and capes, and sequined harem pants...oh, yes.

(on a side note, I just read that Tilda Swinton is going to be starring in a re-make of Auntie Mame?!?  now I love Tilda, and Mame is a kook...but she's not an alien.)

(and on an even sidey-er side note, I think "Black Coffee and a Sidecar" is going to be the title of my memoirs.)

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Beth Chuck said...

Auntie Mame - best quote ever! Wanted to name our daughter Rosiland, but her Dad wouldn't go for it. LIke your blog!