rippit, rippit...

FROGGING.  if you're not a knitter, that's what it's called when you have to rip out all your stitches and start over from scratch.  I wondered why they would call it that and apparently it's because that's the sound a frog makes..."rip-it".  yea, knitters are a kinda goofy bunch.

anyway, did you notice my "lace" knitting in the last post didn't look much like lace?  as in, not enough holes?  well, I figured out why about a day later and realized that I was doing things SO wrong, that I needed to frog it and start over.  It was depressing but I'm glad I did, because now...et voila!  Lace!

so yeah nobody told me there were different types of yarn overs?  Up till now, my method of just looking up new stitches on youtube whenever I encountered one I'd never done was working great.  The Knitwitch has taught me so much, but she failed me this time!  But now, thanks to the amazingly generous people on Ravelry, I have learned a ton of lace knitting tricks.  Ravelry is like having thousands of super crafty friends who are willing to help you out at any hour of the day.  I was even contacted by the designer of the scarf I'm working on, with words of encouragement and offers of help getting through the pattern.  So cool!

so it's looking much better now and I'm really enjoying my Bosc scarf project.  I'm also enjoying my new 50mm lens for the camera!  I haven't had much time to play with it yet, mostly I've just been pointing it at stuff in my office and trying to get better at manually focusing.  But here's a few pretty shots...

I can't resist throwing in a cat photo now and again!  Cats and yarn, that's all I need to be happy these days. 

p.s.  I'm feeling like this font is a little hard to read, so I think I'll be playing around with my blog template this week.  let me know what you think! 

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