the grey lady


you know how some people have "good hair days"?  I rarely have those, but I try to have "good outfit days".  today was a pretty good one.  I have SO many clothes, it's really inexcusable to not know what to put on, but that's how I feel most mornings.

as I've gotten older I've definitely become a fan of routines...I like to eat the same exact thing for breakfast for months on end, for instance.  maybe this is part of my "paradox of choice" problem...the more decisions I have to make in a day, the more exhausted and cranky I get.  so lately I've really been wishing I was one of those people who only wears one color.  I can't seem to find a name for this habit, so I'll coin one..."monosartorial".

I got obsessed with this idea when I read this article about 5 monosartorial (see how it's catching on already??) New Yorkers who only wear one color, all day every day.  only wearing black doesn't count, obviously.  lots of boring people only wear black, and that's so boring it would probably take years to even notice, and even then you'd be like eh, no biggie.  I'm talking about people who, like the woman below, wear like...nothing but bright blue (she has blue shoes custom made!).  Or Karim Rashid, who only wears white and pink.

there is also a guy in this article who only wears BROWN, which is so depressing it makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry.  he doesn't look chic, he looks like a shut-in.

if I was going to do this (and I'm definitely thinking about it, for real) I would choose grey.  I love grey.  it's so versatile, it's clean and neutral...not as impractical as all white, but more interesting than all black.  plus grey looks good on me.  I mostly love how it would cut down on my decision process...imagine walking into a huge store, and being able to disregard 95% of the options just based on color!  it sounds heavenly.

anyway, if you see me and start to notice that I'm looking very monosartorial, that's what's going on.  I've finally decided to make one less decision every day!  here's a few fine looks I would be rocking...

(p.s. grey clothes + pink hair?  to. die. for. )       

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