goodbyes are never easy (except when they are)

well, it's monday...again.  the weekends are just too short these days!  I spent sunday working on a new knitting chart.  I've just started knitting the sample but it shouldn't take long.

not like the other project...yeesh. I'm still working on my Bosc scarf, but crikey that lace knitting is slow going.  I'm just over half done with it and it's been almost a month!

in other news, we bid a fond farewell this weekend to Josh's red chair.  he had it for 20 years (though it was not new when he got it) and parting with it was hard for him.  but after much consideration, it was decided that the red chair needed to go.  then, a nice man from craigslist came and took it away and promised to give it a good home.  we stood and watched it drive down the street in the back of his truck, so red and velour and proud.  and now there is much more room in our office, and Josh does not need to get me anything for at least the next three Valentine's days.

goodbye, red chair.  I never liked you and I plotted your demise, but Josh loved you and I have to respect that.  there just wasn't room in this relationship for both of us.  

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