thrift scores

it's the last couple weeks of the worst part of post production on the movie I'm working on...then I'm looking forward to a little break and a chance to work on all my projects.  until then, my weekends are spent re-charging.  this morning I stayed in bed till 10:30!  haven't done that in years...not sleeping, just reading blogs and snuggling with Stoli.

I even had breakfast in bed!  Josh made banana walnut muffins...

saturday I did some thrifting, and came home with a few things...like another vintage Belgian apothecary jar...I have several of these but I always grab them when I see em, not sure why.  I'm always on the lookout for blue ones but so far no dice.

this kind of drippy-glazed California pottery is hard to pass up as well...I'll probably plant a cactus in it when I have some time.

and then some clothes and shoes...yellow leather heels, Dolce Vita sandal booties, brown leather boots (candidate for some crafty embellishment), a big red sun hat (the kind I look for in July but can't find one that fits my big head), a silk robe with big roses, Donna Karan leather backpack, Ella Moss sweater, and a silk mini-skirt.

I know, boring weekend, boring post... I'll have more to say in a couple weeks, I promise.  now I'm going to make some popcorn for dinner and not watch the Oscars.  have a great week!

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