blind hatred

I've lived in a lot of apartments...just in Los Angeles, I think it's been almost ten.  there was the one with the roommate who decorated the whole place like a cheesy Moroccan restaurant, the one with the drunk upstairs who would frequently lay on the floor and scream until he passed out (only lived in that one a month) and the one where my roommate and I were convinced there was a gypsy curse...we found a small door with no knob that opened onto a crawlspace, and inside was a wooden cross, a bowl of salt, and burnt matches...

apartments can also be awesome, as evidenced by my current apartment, which is so quiet and spacious and gets wonderful light all day.  but there are always tell-tale signs that you're in a rental, and for me one of those signs is vertical blinds:

I can't tell you how much I hate them!  other people think they're innocuous, but they get so dusty, and they're always getting stuck, and the cats love to run through them and make that terrible sound of vinyl clacking together.  yikes...do I sound a little bit like Nadine from Twin Peaks right now??

anyway we have fantastic landlords who told me I can do whatever I like to the apartment, so this weekend the blinds all came down!  SO much better:

I think in most of the apartment I'll probably just end up leaving the windows bare, we don't really have a problem with neighbors being able to see in.  we'll see how I feel about that in the heat of summer, but for now I'm loving the soft winter light streaming in and no crappy plastic "valances" ruining the lines of the windows.

in other news, I finished the Bosc scarf tonight!  now I just need to block it...blerg.  but it's sooo soft and cuddly and such an amazing color, I'm motivated to block it so I can wear it right away!

and the jaw is much better...even was able to finish off the bag of swedish fish!


Unknown said...

Hi Jody. I’m just beginning to make your watercolor heart pillow and have a question as to the finishing. You say to put right sides together and crochet around to close up. My feeling from looking at the picture is that it should be wrong sides together. Can you clear that up for me please? Can’t wait to get this going. It is so pretty! Thank you.

Unknown said...

Sorry Jody. I didn’t leave my name although it’s in my email address. Just in case it has to be official, it’s Sue Hart. Thanks!