sunny days and mondays

really, mondays suck regardless of the weather, don't you think?  in fact waking up to a beautiful sunny monday kinda makes the fact that you have to go to work even more of an insult.

anyway it was a lovely weekend, we enjoyed the weather and hiked in Griffith Park, I thrifted, and nobody watched the Superbowl, which is fine by me.  and I had lots of time for knitting.  the Bosc scarf is getting so close to being done!  I'm alternating between that and my new pattern, which is half done now.  here's a sneak peek...

what else...thrifting was almost a bust.  I picked up these Japanese hand thrown cups for 50 cents, which I put in my medicine cabinet to hold eyeliners and brushes:

and this funny goose bowl, which I'm keeping by the sink to toss earrings and stuff in:

and I stopped at the hardware store and got a couple ferns.  I love ferns, but they don't do well in the LA heat in my experience.  I've had some before and they got burnt to a crisp once summer arrived, so maybe I'll bring these inside once it gets hotter.  for now they make the balcony all shady and lush.

oh and we are hoping to make an appt with the cat behaviorist this week, so I will fill you all in on how that goes.  Mal does her best to look innocent but hopefully the Cat Whisperer will see through it.

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