I've been thinking a lot about watercolors lately...I miss painting!  I haven't done it in so long, and I've pretty much never painted just for the fun of it.  it's always been a rendering for a costume, or a background for a short film, or an illustration for one of the craft books.

anyway in preparation of doing some painting I pulled out this color chart I made years ago...it's all the colors of Dr Ph Martin's Radiant Concentrated watercolors (the only kind I use) and how they all combine to make new colors.  It's actually pretty hard to figure out how to mix watercolors without wasting a ton of paint, so this way when I need to make a dirty olive green, I look it up on the chart and I know to combine Chartreuse and Antelope Brown.  it's kind of a work of art on its own, don't you think?

hopefully soon I'll have some time to sit down and do some painting again...it's definitely going to suck at first, but I'll try to show you what results.  :)

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