open wide

sorry I've been missing this week...the last few days have been taken up with two things:

1.  I sprained my jaw!  well, that's my self diagnosis anyway.  I was eating swedish fish while watching Hugo (amazing movie, btw) a few days ago...and all of a sudden my jaw popped out of alignment.  and then I couldn't open it for about an hour, and it's just today that I've been able to eat anything more solid than a banana.  so that's been a blast.  and...

2.  we had our first appointment with the cat whisperer!  I'm going to reserve judgement until we try her suggestions for improving Mal's behavior.  but it was...underwhelming, I guess?  I wanted definitive answers and a solid plan, and that didn't really happen.  but I know with animals that's hard to do.

it's going to be an interesting few months of experimenting to see what works, and even though it's not craft, it might fall into the realm of art!  anyway I'll probably blog about it because we haven't found much online advice that's really helpful.  so I hope you don't mind more cat related posts!

(that's my old kitty Grimy up there, yawning in the way she did where her whole face kinda unhinged.  I'm jealous of that ability right now, yawning is hard to do when you can't open your mouth!)

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Nikki said...

I have to tell you that I laughed out loud at your first paragraph. Not in a malicious way, but in a sympathetic way! Swedish fish! I once went to get a chocolate bar off a shelf and somehow tore my rotator cuff! and another time my dog broke my nose! Nobody believed me.....
Hope you are feeling better soon and back to the ability to fully yawn. It's the little things, no?
Have a great weekend!